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Perussastamala a.k.a Mikael Saastamoinen is a bass player,
composer and a producer working in Helsinki, Finland.

Many different projects happen under the name of Perussastamala:

Check out 

Perussastamala: May Queen is dark ambient jazz vibed duo project with saxophonist Jussi Kannaste.

Perussastamala 6 is an indie rock group.

Perussastamala is a solo bass + drum machines thing that plays mostly improvised live gigs.

Also Mikael Saastamoinen plays in various contemporary/jazz groups, such as

Linda Fredriksson Juniper, OK:KO, Superposition, and Katu Kaiku. See more in 'projects'!

If you want to get a view of my work please check out my selected Spotify discography playlist, it features my playing and my own compositions:

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